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about us

First and foremost, we are fans of Leeds United. The site is operated by a number of people on a voluntary basis and is self-funding. We do not aim to make profit or benefit from the site and believe that where Leeds United is concerned, then the club should benefit from the fans.

We've seen the other fan sites, and all too often, members are too busy trading insults with each other to spend time discussing the club. Here at Unofficial LUFC we try to ensure fans of all clubs are welcomed and friendly, informative and interesting debates can take place.

We try to keep the latest news updated, and provide you with useful information and links, but this isn't full time for us - we have normal jobs and responsibilities, but we try our best.

As a fans site, this is YOUR site, so we welcome feedback, idea's and suggestions - and we appreciate any content you might want to provide. Could you write a match report, a feature, maybe a story from a long time ago. When did you start supporting the club, which is your favourite player, present or past, do you have a best match memory? Drop us a line to our email address.

Finally we'd like to build up the best library of files, pictures, video's and sound files of anywhere on the internet - Have you got links you could share with fellow Leeds fans - maybe a link to an old video clip or an old programme you could scan and email.

If you would like to advertise on the site, to help fund the maintenance and hosting costs, please get in touch.

Enjoy the site, let us have your feedback and drop any questions to our email.

The Unofficial LUFC Team


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