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May 01, 2023
In Leeds United Chat
Warning... This is a rant! Being a Leeds born, lifelong fan I think the leadership at the club owe us the fans an explained of why they think we've gone into free fall in every possible respect both on and off the pitch. It's so sad that the club has lost its way and simply not fookin acceptable to treat the fans as irrelevant, as demonstrated yesterday both on and off the field by the bunch of morons wearing the shirt. Each and every one of them should be made to apologise for the recent performance(s) both on the pitch and for the ignorant behaviour at the hotel yesterday yet again showing the true disconnect between true fans and the so called players. MB spent 3 years building a club to be proud of. Quite frankly at this time I'm firstly sad and secondly angry as hell that this was all for nothing and this ethos has been destroyed by a collective who clearly care for everything but the club. Where to now for LUFC? 😤 MOT I


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